Annual Assessment

Please note that the office does not accept monthly dues payments.

Association Annual Assessments for 2024 are $240.00 per month and must be paid by the 10th of the month.

Mail Monthly Payments to:
Morgan Creek Preserve Residents’ Association
c/o Cadence Bank
P O Box 4233
Sarasota, FL  34230

Please write your Lot # in the memo field of each payment. The payment will be considered late if received after the 10th of each month and posted after the 15th – a $25 Late Fee will be added at that time.

If you are mailing a check as a method of payment, please remember to include your coupon alongside the check.

If you wish to pay online through the Cadence Bank HOA portal click on the following link.

Electronic Payments can be arranged by downloading the

Cadence Bank NA—Association pay authorization form

; fill in the requested information (you will need to use a voided check) and mail it to:

Cadence Bank, N. A.
C/O Treasury Management Department
P.O. Box 49408
Sarasota, FL 34230-6408

Credit card payments

By clicking on the link individuals will have the option to select "Pay your dues here" and then confirm the users intent to exit the site. Subsequently users will be prompted to provide their client ID and account number (MCP LOT followed by their specific lot number, e.g., MCP LOT 101). Following this, users can easily proceed by following the instructions to input their credit card details or checking account information. For payments made through a checking account, a flat fee of $4.95 is applied, whereas payments via credit card are subject to a 3rd party processing fee of 2.95% of the transaction amount

If you have any questions please email